Marble is the most classic material, and at the same time over and over again odkrywanym. It is hard to imagine how the art style would go if it did not discover the great artists of genius possible marble. The rich palette of colors, beautiful natural texture, warm pastel shades are the leading characteristics which have decided that the media has become a style in architecture. Today discovers his next feature - easy to compose with other materials, including the elements of a typical modern interior. Marble has good physical properties. Because the material does not constitute the floors, walls, facades, window sills and stairs. The possibility to give different shapes of marble stood up. Until today, creating a marble facade and columns. There is no shortage of new ideas on the use of marble in gallantry. Ability to create a variety of details found application in areas typically decorative. The presence of marble reminds us finezyjnym and friendly nature of human nature. This is why the marble is elected by the people striving to achieve harmony in their surroundings.

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